Hello, My Name is Frank Deardurff III, I am fortunate to be a husband, and a father of two beautiful, daughters, and grandfather to three adorable grandchildren. As far back as I can remember art has been a part of my life. Art competitions in Grade School & High Scool, Graphics related major in College, 1 year as a draftsman, and nearly 10 years in technical illustration, In fact, it was art that got me started in websites and marketing.

One of the art projects I had gotten involved in in the early 90's was 3D digital art. Mostly, surrealistic scenery and futuristic dreamscapes. (I know kind of weird, but fun.)

With these images, I started a shop where people could download them for their desktop computer screens or buy them as posters, mugs etc. For that, I had to learn to create websites and such.

Apparently, I had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) before it was cool as I would doodle on my school work, tests and such. I was actually given the nickname "The Doodler" in Junior High. At least one teacher said if I'd spend as much time on my doodles as I did on the test I might have had better grades. My thought was if the subject was more interesting I'd paid more attention.

Fast forward to adult life, I still doodle. Anything that happens to be handy when I'm on phone calls, webinars. Envelopes, index cards etc. are my prime targets. A little over a year ago I decided to pick up a mixed media sketchbook and some various size pens and at least channel my doodles into one location.

I started posting these "doodles" on social media and friends started commenting that I need to put them into a coloring book. Who knew that the adult coloring book marketing was such a big thing. Volume One of the Doodled Coloring Book is my first offering. We will see where it goes. I'll still doodle of course, and if Volume One is well received I'll consider Volume Two. 😉
Thanks so much for reading a little bit about who I am and why this product was created. If you’d like to check out about the Doodled Coloring Book,  visit – https://DoodledColoringBook.com

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